Mayco Wellchem was established in 1977 by W.T. (Dub) Corley. The name Mayco is derived from the name of his wife, Mary Corley. He began the company as a wholesaler of reagents, starter materials, used in chemical reactions. In 1990 the company was purchased by Thom Venus, who established Mayco Wellchem as a leader in the manufacture of oilfield specialty chemicals for stimulation, displacement, fracturing and fluid loss control.

Mayco Wellchem has been serving the oil and gas industry for nearly four decades with a reputation built on stability, reliability and professionalism.

Company Milestones

Date Milestone
1977 Company founded by W.T. (Dub) Corley as a wholesaler of reagents to the oil and gas sector.
1978-1980 Overseas operations commence with subsidiary, Oasis, in Libya.
1981 Current owner, Thom Venus, comes to work for Mayco
1981-1987 Contract with Halliburton’s IMCO Services for manufacturing of workover and completion fluid line.
1981-1987 Mayco expands product line world-wide, supplying drilling fluid additive and consulting in South America, Middle-East and the Far East.
1988 Joint venture with Techni-Fluids, Canadian subsidiary of ICI, providing for the expansion of the completion fluids line.
1990 Thom Venus purchases Mayco Wellchem.
1991 Company begins working with Western Company, supplying stimulation additives for their international operations.
1991-1992 Develops specialized Drill-In fluids formulation for work in the Gulf of Mexico region.
2000 Tekcor Technology, a full service retail completion fluids company, is established.
2002 Tekcor develops Tek-Plug (fluid loss control polymer, formerly X-Rocket Wash)
2003 Designs and patents Tek-Tote delivery system for the Tek-Plug. Product is still in use today.
2006 Tekcor becomes a major supplier and industry leader in crosslink fluid loss polymers.
2006 Tekcor is developed and acquired by BJ Services.
2010 NPO Scientific is established to develop new and improved fluid loss control polymers.
2010 Highly effective clean up chemicals are developed.
2010 Initiation of company subsidiary, Mayco Services, to deliver high volume water transfer for fracking and other water management activities.
2014 Mayco Wellchem aquires NPO Scientific.