Mayco Wellchem develops and manufactures chemicals for oil and gas well completions, stimulation and fracturing applications. While we manufacture our own line of proprietary products we also manufacture products to our customers’ requirements. To do this we have staffed our laboratory in Houston with degreed scientists and chemists with extensive experience in completion and fracturing chemistry. These experts possess vast field experience in a wide variety of applications and are able to model tests in our lab according to our customers needs.

Mayco Welchem’s Product Lines


Product Family, Name and ID Number Description
Crosslink Fluid Loss Control
CleanGel B Series 300-B™ Crosslinked fluid loss control polymers.
CleanGel C Series 300-C™
Displacement Chemicals
Mayco Pipewash OB A specially formulated surfactant cleaner for use in displacement of synthetic base mud and oil base mud.
Mayco Pipewash WB Clear, colorless liquid; an all purpose surfactant cleaner for use in displacement of water base mud.
Fracturing Fluid Loss Crosslinkers
STIM-68 L A revolutionary range of high performance, high efficiency aqueous zirconium crosslinkers used for the crosslinking of polymer solutions for oil and gas fracking applications.
Packer Fluid Treatments
Product sheet coming soon Designed to ensure wellbore longevity.
Stimulation Chemicals
STIM-25 Designed for use in matrix acidizing, STIM-25 is a mutual solvent with strong water-wetting and water solubilizing capabilities, and is soluble in oil and water-based fluids.
STIM-40 Sulfide complexer used in treating sour wells which produce hydrogen sulfide gas.
STIM-50 A clear nonionic surfactant which will reduce the surface tension of water, brine or acid-based stimulation fluids and form micro emulsions of these fluids with oils.
STIM-75 An acid corrosion inhibitor for mineral acid and blends containing mineral acid.
STIM-300 A nonionic liquid surfactant and fluid recovery system that substantially increases the recovery of aqueous fracturing fluids following treatment of gas wells.
STIM 390 A cationic non-emulsifier and fluid recovery additive for acidic fluids, Mayco STIM 390 is extremely cost effective and eliminates the need for multiple cationic non-emulsifiers in inventory.
STIM-440 An anionic solid non-emulsifier and fluid recovery additive for acid and fracturing fluids. Can by shipped via FedEx, UPS, or U.S. mail.
STIM-450 A low cost surfactant blend suitable for generating stable foams to temperatures in excess of 250° F in aqueous fluids.
STIM-480 A nonionic corrosion inhibitor for acidic fluids.
STIM-576 An anionic non-emulsifier and fluid recovery additive for hydrocarbon based fluids.
Completion Fluid Additives
Mayco Livis A liquid polymer additive providing almost instant non-thixotropic and viscosity properties for weighted or unweighted drilling workover or completion systems.
MS-Superclean A nonionic non-emulsifier which is soluble in hydrocarbon base fluids and very dispersible in aqueous base fluids, used primarily as a non-emulsifier in fracturing and acidizing fluids.
Mayco STIM-239 A concentrated permanent clay stabilizer used in water sensitive formations which contain swelling or sloughing-type clays such as smectite, some mixed layer clays and certain types of illite to prevent the swelling and/or sloughing of such clay materials in the rock matrix.
Mayco HELP A liquid additive compatible with any water base system to extend temperature limitations, prevent polymer degradation and subsequent loss of rheology, and attain water loss control.